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Gender Pay Gap Statement 2019

Daniel Thwaites’ approach to pay continues to be a simple one.  We reward our staff fairly for the job they do, regardless of gender.  Our processes and policies support this and we love having diverse teams in our properties.

We work hard on ensuring our framework covers all grades and, like many other hospitality and retail businesses, we pay at least the national minimum wage for roles.  Our grading structure represents the way we do business - it’s straightforward and considers what is right for us.

Our gender pay gap is a reflection of both where we are in our journey and the progress we have.

Gender Pay and Bonus Gap

Difference between men and women





2017 2018 2017 2018


Gender Pay Gap





14.8% 3.8% 2.1%


Gender Bonus Gap


93.0% 94.8% 60.3% 0%



At Daniel Thwaites, our gender pay gap has reduced to 2.1% (median) – which continues to be significantly lower than the current national average of 8.6% (median).  This means in our business women earn 98p for every £1 men earn, so we are getting much nearer to closing that gap.

The gender gap in our bonus pay reflects the start of a review into how our senior leadership teams are constructed.

We have also reviewed many of the various bonus schemes we had in place for those employees in our middle quartile where we know we have more females than males.  Historically those bonus schemes did not pay out, which we could see in the median gap in the 2017 figures. As a result, our figures appear to indicate a negative movement in numbers of females who could receive a bonus however this is simply reflective of our journey to increase the number of female leaders who would be eligible for the same bonus percentage as their male counterparts.

Pay Quartiles

Number of male/females per pay quartile Men




2017 2018  2017 2018

Top Quartile




54.8% 45.4% 45.2%


Upper Middle Quartile


40.4% 41.6% 59.6% 58.4%


Middle Quartile


32.7% 33.2% 67.3% 66.8%


Lower Quartile


43.6% 37.4% 56.4% 62.6%


How we are continuing to tackle our gender pay gap and what progress have we made

Our fundamental principles from the previous year remain unchanged and we continue to focus on these elements.

  • Keep doing the right things

We know that if we stick to being fair and equitable with all our employees we will continue to drive down the gender pay gap. We need to maintain our effort on developing more female managers who are eligible for bonus pay.

Our six biggest hotels completed a restructure of their leadership teams last year which resulted in almost an even number of male to female senior leaders. This has allowed us to widen the pool of talent from which we choose General Managers, something we have not had previously.

  • Challenge ourselves to think differently

We have different areas in our business that historically attract a higher proportion of females or males and we need to address this more pro-actively.  We will focus on creating the right culture to encourage females to apply for senior management roles by:

  • Reviewing our recruitment and selection processes to understand why we are not attractive to female senior leaders, and then action those points.
  • Pro-actively striving for a 70% internal promotion rate for managers.
  • Having e balanced male to female ratio on our internal management development programmes which will then feed into the metric for internal promotions.

In our Leadership Academy during the past year we have over-indexed on females to males with 53% of the cohort being female, this trend continues.

Click here to see our Gender Pay Gap Statement 2018.