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Festivalisation - The Rise Of The Multi Element Meetings

The corporate world is evolving. The popularity of festivals amongst the younger generation who value experience-based learning is redefining conferencing and events across the UK. Multi-day events are replacing the once popular one-day meeting format in a movement known as ‘festivalisation’.

Hotels within the House of Daniel Thwaites collective understand that motivating and inspiring delegates is the most crucial part of any meeting.

The Flexible ‘Bleisure’ Format

Boundaries between business and entertainment are becoming blurred, and what’s emerging is the desire to create a richer experience that in turn increases engagement, development and productivity. It’s about pollinating a meeting or conference schedule with experiences that resonate with and appeal to delegates.

There is an upward trend of people seeking out a more ‘bitesize’ approach to life – and planning a festival-style conference to meet this need is all about the approach.

Things to think about:
• Displaying the venue at its best, highlighting the hybrid features
• Introducing less conventional ideas to the event, conference or meeting
• Creating an itinerary that promotes diversity and creativity
• Promoting a work-life balance approach that celebrates the importance of ‘down-time’

Showcase Festival Flair on Social Media

Embrace the festival approach by using social media to promote and showcase the diversity of your meeting. It's the best tool to use as you'll have endless content that will be fun and engaging to share.

A great way to capture the personality of the venue is to utilise behind the scenes snapshots. Use Instagram stories to build and grab attention. Let the features do the talking and get the message out there that you approach things differently.

Bored of the boardroom?

Incorporating curated sessions such as innovative workshops and interactive exercises outside of the meeting room can inject some freshness into the schedule and keep delegates engaged. At North Lakes Hotel and Spa, you could get up close to the action at FYR, Cumbria’s only open-fire grill restaurant, or let Aztec Hotel’s Executive Head Chef inspire you with his take on traditional pickling at their two-rosette awarded restaurant, The Curious Kitchen.

Festival style eating is another feature that delegates are looking for as it provides variety and portion control. The Conference Café set up at The House of Daniel Thwaites hotels are a great example of food stations offering a range of fresh, exciting dishes.

Memorable Moments

Having something that differs from the norm in the vast landscape of conferencing and events is something to celebrate and grow. Solent Hotel and Spa in Fareham brings the outdoors in with an open-air cinema experience – a great way to unwind and debrief.

Incorporating ‘festivalisation’ will certainly help to create environments that inspire and increase productivity. Delivering a unique itinerary will capture attention from the start and keep people tuning in until the end. It’s time to embrace the new wave of meetings that suits the modern delegate.