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Going Green - Achieving A More Sustainable Meeting

There’s no doubt we’re all thinking about our impact on the planet and unsurprisingly, the move towards sustainability in day to day life is affecting our approach to meetings.

Combat Energy Usage

Conserving energy is something that The House of Daniel Thwaites is moving forward with by introducing efficient, environmentally friendly systems:

• LED lighting in all areas of the hotel to tackle electricity and light wastage
• Dusk ‘til Dawn sensors fitted wherever possible
• Aerated showers and taps to reduce water flow
• Clear recycling bins in all areas, especially meeting rooms

At Aztec Hotel and Spa in Bristol, the team are setting an example with a paperless office attitude - thinking twice before printing and cutting down on paper waste.

Focus On Food

The subject of food, it’s production, the daily offering and amounts of waste are factors that any venue provider needs to manage. The food industry is moving towards more eco-friendly standards, and at The House of Daniel Thwaites we’ve started with simple, effective actions.

Plastic straws and stirrers were removed early last year and single-use plastic water bottles have been replaced with refillable jugs.

Food options in our conference cafés have become more versatile to match delegates needs; from widening vegetarian options to offering more freshly prepared, locally sourced produce - lowering costs and environmental impact.

North Lakes Hotel and Spa in Penrith is trialling a new initiative to reduce food wastage. Nicola Underwood, Food Support Manager, is leading the effort with a partnership with Guardians of Grub; an organisation committed to tackling the £3 billion of food thrown away at hospitality and food service outlets.

The goal is to reduce food waste across our pubs, inns and hotels by up 50% over the next five years.

Reduce Technology, Reduce Electricity, Increase Output

Reducing the use of technology during a meeting or conference can bring multiple benefits. It minimises the use of electricity and encourages face to face interaction, increasing productivity and team effectiveness. Consider getting outdoors and breaking away from the four-wall structure – ‘net walking’ is a fun way to break up the meeting and refresh your delegates.

Promote People Power

From blending a fruit smoothie using gym-bike generated energy to challenging each other to a game of Connect 4 or Jenga, people-powered energy is a fun way to bring an eco-twist to meetings.

When it comes to reducing individual carbon footprints, encourage initiatives such as car sharing. If the car is the only option, this is an excellent way to cut down on the number of vehicles travelling to the venue.

Look To The Green Future

At the House of Daniel Thwaites, we’re always evaluating our business output and identifying areas for improvement. From solar power systems, induction cooking, food waste dewaterer systems and electric car parking stations, we’re full of future ideas that are being tried, tested and rolled out.

It’s never too late to focus on going green, but it’s important staff are onboard too - all of the hotels within the House of Daniel Thwaites collective offer staff education programmes to keep the big issues front of mind.

If you want to know more about how The House of Daniel Thwaites can help you do that, speak to our event teams.