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Inspire Creativity in Your Team

Meetings sometimes get a bad rap for being boring and having a standard format. At the House of Daniel Thwaites, all our hotels have unique and diverse spaces, so there’s never a shortage of creative inspiration.

Create a conversation and attitude that influences the progressive and innovative elements of your meeting, event or conference right at the start to push creative productivity. Here are our top three tips for creative success.

Thrive With Positivity

Appreciating your delegates and being vocal in praise is something that will not go unnoticed and most likely improve their output. Put the focus onto peers by highlighting and presenting qualities that they appreciate in each other. This will break down walls and instantly makes your team more comfortable with each other.

Mindfulness is a top priority for delegates, so protecting and looking after the brain and mental health is a huge factor. A less stressful and intense environment will produce more creative and dynamic ideas in meetings.

Creative Downtime For Creative Uplift

Refocusing your mind when you break can be essential to let your brain relax and rest. Fuel up with fresh food from our conference cafes or find a place to sit down where you can self-reflect, read or doodle. Scheduled breaks are what will feed your creativity.

Bring in a guest speaker for some lunch inspiration and creative differences to the day. It allows other ideas to be shared and present alternative views. It broadens the creative output with more being brought into the meeting.

Team Building Is Exciting

A creative culture involves a collective approach and making every single person feel involved. Humanising elements of the meeting environment through games and challenges add personality and improves the development and partnerships when working together.

Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa and Kettering Park Hotel & Spa offer onsite activities such as giant Jenga and Connect 4 for some fun team-building exercises. At Langdale Chase, you can take exhilarating rib rides on Lake Windermere or go Kankku offroad driving and Ghyll Scrambling in Stickle Gill. Why not take up an afternoon of sailing on a private yacht and work as a team to navigate the seas at Solent Hotel & Spa.

Team building exercises are essential for any business as it produces a team on the same wavelength and refocuses the teams with renewed energy.

Introducing bolder, innovative ideas will create exciting and engaging meetings that produce benefits for all. Allowing creativity creates a more engaged delegation and elevates success and thinking.

If you want to know more about how the House of Daniel Thwaites, and to experience one of our creative spaces, speak to our event teams.