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New Ways of Breaking the Ice

“It’s icebreaker time!" Delegates do not always favour the start of meetings and having to think of something to say on the spot in front of a group.

The main aim of an icebreaker is to increase interaction between delegates at the very start of the meeting. At the hotels within the House of Daniel Thwaites collective, we’re about creating experiences that are all-inclusive. The breakdown of barriers creates unity between delegates and is something that we encourage with creativity and fun – and without embarrassment.

It’s time to be creative and energised to make introductions more than just a fact-finding exercise. Think outside the box and get delegates motivated about the day’s itinerary to increase productivity.

Here are five ideas to try at the start of meetings:

Desert Island Picks

This icebreaker is all about personal choice. Ask delegates to choose which five albums, books and luxury items they’d take with them should they be castaway on a desert island.

It’s a way in which everyone can feel comfortable talking about the things they value. Delegates can openly discuss their choices and talk through the reasoning and meaning behind them. It’ll get everyone acknowledging each other through direct discussion.

One-Word Quick Fire Round-Up

Icebreakers can be quick and easy. This exercise is all about thinking fast on your feet and connecting with fellow delegates in a circle. The idea is simple; you have to think of the next one-word sequence.

Example: if the category is animals and someone starts with ‘elephant’, the next person has to think of an animal beginning with ‘t’, such as ‘tiger’ and so on - if you can’t think of one, you're out and leave the circle.

Guess Who?

Get thinking of groups of connected people, whether it’s the Spice Girls or the cast of Top Gear, the list is endless, and you can be as obscure as you like. With everyone having a famous name on their forehead, there’s only the option of talking and asking questions to try to figure out who you are and who you connect with.

Ice Breaker Games - Compete & Win

If you’re feeling creative and open to your icebreaker taking any shape, then why not try a puzzle or game to create some fun competition between delegates. Hotels within the House of Daniel Thwaites collective provide classic games like jumbo Jenga or Connect 4 to encourage teamwork.

Icebreakers don’t have to be awkward anymore. Fun and flowing introductions can enhance meetings whilst boosting morale and productivity.