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Staying Fresh In The Food And Drink Meeting World

Food is essential when it comes to conferences, meetings and events. Whether it’s a three-day conference or a short afternoon meeting, the food and drink is an integral part of the working day.

From foods with particular health benefits to what’s trending, it’s important to keep re-inventing your food offering. Keep checks on influencing factors, for example, the meteoric rise of wellness and how healthier, cleaner food options are more in demand than ever.

The Need For Speed

The increasingly fast pace of life is changing the way many of us experience food. There’s a need for quick and healthy alternatives. With instant delivery, and the introduction of home meal plans, such as Hello Fresh, there’s a growing appetite for consuming convenient food that’s healthy with minimum waste.

Grab and go snacks are what delegates are reaching for when it comes to fuelling up before, during and after meetings. Keeping concentration levels high and minds fed to avoid the dreaded disconnect.

At the hotels within the House of Daniel Thwaites collective, there’s a buffet-style conference café that provides quick, healthy pick-me-up food options. Locally sourced and fresh, it helps busy delegates save time and boost their energy levels.

Create Your Own Plate

Delegates want to customise what food they have during conference breaks. Meet the demand for those who are health-conscious by offering a mixture of hot and cold dishes and catering for a wide range of dietary options.

Traceability & Sustainability Are Staying Put

Prominent and transparent information for your delegates when it comes to food traceability is useful to promote. Mentioning at every opportunity the place of origin can be a great way to encourage this movement and highlights the business’ commitment to reducing the food chain process.

The North Lakes Hotel and Spa in Penrith is one of the hotels from The House of Daniel Thwaites that is trialling a new initiative to reduce food wastage across the business. Food Support Manager, Nicola Underwood is leading the business initiative by working in partnership with Guardians of Grub - an organisation committed to tackling the £3 billion worth of food thrown away at hospitality and food service outlet. The goal is to reduce food waste across our pubs, inns and hotels by up 50% over the next five years.

Bold & Visual Food

The visual aspect of food is just as important as the taste nowadays. Bright colours and unique, bold flavours are what delegates look for when organising or attending a meeting. The Executive Head Chefs at the House of Daniel Thwaites properties are pushing the boundaries of taste in award-winning restaurants that deliver delicious, exciting dishes.

With the rise of social media and food being one of the most popular things to photograph, there’s a constant desire to create bold, aesthetically pleasing flat lay images of food dishes. Make sure you don’t miss out on this trend by keeping your food offering varied and interesting.

Social media sharing can help build your profile organically and raise awareness for your venue. At the House of Daniel Thwaites, the drive to create exciting, diverse and healthy food offerings is of paramount importance as it enhances productivity and ultimately the success of a conference.

To experience one of our creative spaces, speak to our event teams.