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The Changing Face Of Meetings

With the evolution of the modern world, it was only a matter of time before meetings and events started integrating elements of technology.

It’s only five years since we were one of the first hotel groups to offer free, superfast Wi-Fi. How things have changed in that short time – at the time it was not usual for hotels to offer this as standard to everyone passing through the doors, now it’s expected by guests because it’s become such a key part of everyday life.

Now with Smart TVs, the rise of apps and the increase of VR and AR, expectations have increased. That goes for meetings as well. Whether you’re a meeting organiser or a delegate, technology can be a great way to enhance the value of an event, boosting productivity or engagement.

At The House of Daniel Thwaites, we’re constantly evolving to ensure that our spaces continue to create environments that connect people.

One of our latest, and more quirky features, is a ‘BGT golden-buzzer-style’ meeting genie. It’s a brilliant way for delegates to be able to make requests for food, drink or assistance from the hotel team without having to get up, leave the room, and disturb the flow or progress of the meeting. This interactive feature has worked well and been received really positively.

A meeting room with a smart TV may seem a given now, but the adaptability to control and customise the delivery and interaction is still relatively rare in many meeting venues. Being able to draw, swipe and manipulate data on the screen encourages more participation and is a slicker way to present information.

Incorporating video call and Skype is an exciting way of avoiding isolation within your team if members are unable to attend a scheduled date – particularly useful as the number of remote workers continues to rise. Even though not physically in the room, it’s a touch point, for delegates to drop straight into the agenda and stay involved, wherever they may be located.

It’s about broadening the meeting experience by making it as adaptable and flexible as possible. The good news is, all our meeting spaces come with Smart TVs.

For keeping the meeting alive beyond the ‘event’ itself or for more collective learning, an app may be the answer. Trello is an excellent web-based project management application that can bring everyone together and display all you need on the one screen, and in one place.

By creating a project wall, everyone can see and interact with the ideas and discussion topics. The instant nature of the app allows for continuous uploading and sharing of content in real time.

Carrying on the theme of collaboration, Google docs are a great way for people to share, connect, and build discussion. While not the newest approach, it’s still relevant and a great tool which literally gets everyone on the same page, with real-time editing. An easy way to keep everyone on track before, during and after meetings.

One of the biggest growth areas in technology is around virtual reality and augmented reality, which mobile phones and tablets making them even more accessible.

The immersive experience that these technologies are providing is highly attractive and can bring a whole new element and environment to the previous meeting landscape.

From projections to developing a virtual oasis reality for the ultimate relaxation break, there are all sorts of uses linked to productivity through to mindfulness.

The latter is a technique to build into as the Zen experience and boosting delegate’s mindfulness, and wellbeing is highly important. Read our previous blog for the in-depth benefits and how at The House of Daniel Thwaites we’re progressing and developing this area for our delegates and their needs.

Ultimately with new technology driving meetings and events forward, it’s something to keep your eye on.

When incorporating technology to a meeting environment, there’s always that first thought about whether it is going to be a distraction. But when used well, it’s a great approach to encourage productivity and create a more engaged team at your meeting.

At The House of Daniel Thwaites, we believe strongly in creating a versatile and agile experience for delegates and making the most of meetings.

If you want to know more about how we can help you do that, get in touch with us.