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The Digital Detox – Is it Time to Unplug?

Plugged in? There's a new wave of detoxing becoming popular. It’s time to disconnect, ‘switch off’ and take a break from technology, both in personal and work life.

Embrace a digital detox to be more present in life and reinstate a healthier mindset. The best way to approach any detox is not to dive straight into it. Start by having regular mini-digital-detoxes, and you’ll slowly reduce your activity.

For engaging and productive meetings, there’s plenty of non-digital approaches.

The Work Life Balancing Act

The constant connectivity of the working environment makes it harder than ever to switch off. Being more structured with your working time and rebalancing your personal life can improve productivity and help you achieve objectives.

When a meeting ends and the working day is over, it’s important to find time to unwind, relax and focus on factors that aren’t work related. Building this into your life will see benefits of improved sleep and better responses to stress.

Here are some top tips for keeping work at work.

• Turn off notifications - Interruptions from flashing screens can disrupt meeting flows or pull you back into the working world. Utilise features such as do not disturb or disable apps notifications.

• Phone time out - Factor in time to appreciate device-free moments. Leave your phone in another room or switch it off.

• Get an alarm clock - Many of us use our phones as wake-ups. Having the alarm clock means you can switch off your phone and reduce your likelihood of disturbance through the night.

• Update existing habits - Have a ‘no mobile phone' routine such as the morning commute or an afternoon walk to give you that needed space.

• Make the decision - It’s up to you! Make the goal, be realistic and commit.

Reset, Recharge, Re-energise

At the House of Daniel Thwaites hotels, there's plenty of opportunities to recharge before or after a meeting. Lock the tech away and take a dip in the pool, workout in our state-of-the-art gyms or head to the spa for relaxation and self-care. Enjoy treatments with luxurious French Caudalie products for refreshing, invigorating results, delivered by an expert team.

If your meeting involves an overnight stay, make the most of our bedrooms - your sanctuary to relax in peace and comfort, only disturbed by a personalised wakeup call from the hotel team.

Tech Free Meeting Approaches

A meeting or conference that has sections without technology can be a unique approach. With increasing research pointing to tech as the diminishing effect on a person’s attention span; how do you approach a meeting without technology?

• Take your digital presentation off the screen and make it more physical and unique. Delegates will be more open to the prospect of learning in a kinetic way. Use the floor space for increased engagement between delegates and the encouragement of an organic flow of ideas.

• Change up your screen time, incorporate images and videos to your content. Keep it flowing and introduce shorter bursts of screen time sections to increase and maintain participation.

• Keep specific tasks free of technology. An active, clear mind helps focus and generate engagement, ideas and solutions more quickly.

It’s a process of engaging your delegates differently, so mix it up! Tell attendees ahead of time that elements of the meeting will be tech-free. This allows delegates the chance to put electronic devices out of reach. The result is getting your delegate’s heads up and avoiding distraction.

The People Power

Face to face communication encourages instant reactions, opinions and open discussions which streamline concentration and creativity. It also eliminates misinterpretation and avoids unnecessary confusion.

Displaying emotions, such as eye contact to develop conversation and trust, is a refreshing way to interact with and get to know delegates better. This injects personality into the meeting space and instantly makes everyone feel more relaxed.

Time is more valuable than ever and so outlining clear future objectives and action points following a meeting means business can be kept within the boardroom and not trickle over into personal life.

A digital detox is an opportunity to celebrate human interaction, face to face connection and a mental break from the fast-paced technological way of life. Having parts or the entirety of a meeting tech-free could be an approach not to underestimate.

If you want to know more about The House of Daniel Thwaites hotels and our meeting spaces speak to our event teams.