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Why getting out of the office is the business

We’re all familiar with the well-trod expression, “there’s no I in team”.

But teamwork does, to parade a third hackneyed expression, make the dream work. And only by spending quality time together do we ignite the spark of opportunity that can bring together the talents, skills and personalities of your colleagues.

Not only does spending time away from the cut and thrust of business help everyone gel and bond as a more effective, efficient team. Bringing everyone together under a different sky removes the invisible barriers between managers and their teams.

It’s amazing the different makes just having everyone dressed in their casual clothes rather than uniforms or suits or just taking a meeting away from everyone’s usual habitat – people seem different, think differently and work differently.

The important thing is that everyone feels comfortable and has the opportunity to get involved. You can encourage participation in team building activities through guided facilitation and fun and informal activities.



One of the greatest benefits of taking your teams out of the office is nurturing a deeper understanding of everyone’s strengths. Give your colleagues the chance to be part of the conversation and planning in an unfettered environment and you’ll be amazed at how much more they could bring to their roles.

And when your team knows how you like to work and how you plan to manage them, they’re able to produce results faster.

When you know how each of your direct reports likes to work and communicate, you’re able to save time when setting direction and following up.

Thwaites Hotels offers a huge range of exciting and inspirational spaces and experiences for your teams to reboot and refresh.

From flexible spaces to networking activities, rounded off with lunch in our conference cafe, we can help make sure your next team building session is the business.